Accreditation Training Options

DISC Certification Refresher Training

Next Session:  Tuesday, 28 May, 2024 at 2 p.m.  AEST

$497 + GST


3-hour virtual refresh and update workshop for Accredited or Certified DISC Consultants and Practitioners.


This training is right for you if you:

  • know you need to update and refresh your DISC knowledge and skills
  • slack the confidence to accept or deliver DISC-based work
  • are just not as confident in using DISC as you’d like to be
  • feel it has been too long since you’ve used DISC
  • would like to start using DISC with your clients again
  • are not sure where to start
  • feel you are not up-to-date with the latest DISC products
  • are concerned that things might have changed
  • have lost contact with your supplier
  • would like guidance and/or support to get started
  • you’ve forgotten how to access or use the DISC admin system
  • have nothing better to do at 3pm on Tuesday, 19 March

Then, it makes sense to upgrade and refresh your valuable DISC skills for you and your clients or teams. Find out what’s new and discover new ways to use what’s been around for a while.

If nothing else, you will get your own up-to-date DISC Report and a debrief/coaching session with Sharon!


Let’s start with the end in mind

       – Outcomes and Take-Aways


You will have built a solid foundation for your continued DISC practice and have everything you need to kickstart or reinvigorate your DISC journey, ensuring you feel supported and empowered to succeed!

  1. Increased Confidence: Gain the confidence to effectively accept and deliver DISC-based work, knowing you have updated your skills and knowledge.
  2. Enhanced Proficiency: Improve your proficiency using DISC, ensuring you feel more confident and capable in its application.
  3. Reconnection with DISC: Reconnect with DISC methodologies, refreshing your memory and reigniting your enthusiasm for its use.
  4. Improved Ability:   Effectively use DISC to engage and wow your clients or employees, feeling equipped with refreshed insights and strategies.
  5. Concerns and Blockers Addressed: Have clarity and confidence in yourself and DISC by addressing all your concerns and questions.
  6. Supplier Reconnection: Reestablish contact with an expert DISC supplier, ensuring you have access to necessary resources and support.
  7. Technical Proficiency: Relearn how to access and utilize the DISC admin system, ensuring you’re equipped with the technical skills needed for effective implementation.
  8. Ongoing Guidance and Support


These interactive sessions are delivered online via Zoom.

Three to five days before commencement, you will receive all the information you need to prepare for and join the workshop.



To participate, ensure you have the following:

  • A computer with video capabilities
  • Headphones
  • Internet access to connect to Zoom
  • Have completed the online DISC questionnaire and received your DISC Report to refer to during the workshop


Your enrolment includes the following:

  • Your DISC Report and debrief/coaching session with Sharon
  • Session Workbook
  • Our latest PowerPoint DISC Side Deck you can customise and brand
  • DISC Styles eBooklet for  you to customise and brand
  • 2 x half-hour Group Follow-up Zoom support sessions
  • DISC Certification Refresher Certificate


Ensure you stay current with the latest DISC products and methodologies to ensure you have the most current information:

  • 2 x half-hour Group Follow-up Zoom support sessions with Q&A
  • FREE ongoing support
    • with profile and results interpretation
    • the DISC administration system
    • support in marketing your services
    • practical assistance in preparing for your DISC debriefs and workshops
    • join our monthly DISC Talk with your peers


$497 + GST.   

Next Session:  Tuesday, 19 March, 2024 at 2 p.m.  AEST                                        


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Accreditation Training Options


I thought I knew DISC inside and out and just wanted to find out what’s new because I was coming back from extended family leave, and felt I needed a boost.

Well, I learnt a lot more than that! Sharon’s knowledge of management psychology and workplace behaviour really brings DISC Theory to life. I learnt how to reengage those who had quietly quit (Sharon calls that retired on the job), provide the optimal workplace environment to enable an employee to be able to do their best work, and discover what Sharon calls the joy of the job, and so much more!

It’s all there in the reports, you just need to know how to extract and apply it. Amazing!                                                                 Nicole R, HR Advisor, Qld Gov.


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We offer a number of training programs throughout Australia, New Zealand,

Asia-Pacific, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Contact Us today for more information about any of our training options.

DISC Introductory Training Options

Session One

DISC Theory, Models and Instruments

  • Ancient and modern history of DISC from western and eastern perspectives
  • How to explain DISC in simple terms
  • Getting comfortable with the styles
  • Style recognition practices
  • Overview of DISC Models and products
  • How to determine the validity and reliability of the different DISC (and other) assessment products on the market
  • Overview of complQuestionnaires and reports available on the market
  • DISC graph interpretations…. What to look for and how to practically use the information?
  • How to use DISC reports as a developmental workbook
  • How to blend DISC with your training, coaching and other services.

Session Two

Implementing the DISC in your, or your client’s organisation

  • Preparing individuals to undertake the questionnaire
  • Preparing for debriefing sessions (individual and workshop scenarios)
  • Handling the questions and mis-matches between the content of the report and the person’s perception of themselves
  • Practical debrief session
  • Overview of multi-person DISC reports
  • Using DISC for team-building, leadership development, coaching, recruitment, performance management + more applications!
  • How to structure your presentations and workshops
  • Customisation options for DISC for your context and clients.
  • Embedding DISC in the workplace
  • Review of the included and purchasable DISC resources


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or FREE CALL 1800 768 569 or 61 7 3103 0177 from outside Australia.

eDISC Introductory Training

eDISC Introductory Training

Duration: 3 Hours


Basic DISC Theory


eDISC Upgrade


Personal Analysis reports


Workplace applications of the tools


Suitable for all anyone wanting to learn about DISC in the workplace.

Online Training

All of the above programs are available live online at your convenience.

These sessions can be anywhere from 1 to 3 hours and tailored to your requirements, or can cover the complete 2 Day Extended DISC Accredited Consultant & Trainer certification.

Minimum 1, Maximum 3 participants from the same organisation

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