Facets of Style eDISC Workshops

are based on DISC theory and participants’ reports Facets of Style provides customised workshops from 2 hours to two days duration or delivered in a series over days, weeks or even months.

Step One: We help you define the training goals and objectives
Step Two: We help you choose your modules and timeline
Step Three: We design the programme
Step Four: We deliver the programme


Some of our popular workshops are:

Other available workshops:

define training goals
Design the programme
choose your modules and timeline
deliver the programme

For further information on our in-house, public and online Workshops, contact us today!
or FREE CALL 1800 768 569 or 61 7 3103 0177 from outside Australia.

 What we do

Fast, Cost-effective,Valid and Reliable DISC Reports

in your inbox in less than 10 minutes!

Reports for your people

Reports for your people

From one report to thousands, eDISC has it covered. Fast and cost-effective. Reliable and highly validated information you need. Individual Behavioural Analysis, Work Pair and Team Reports. Find out More…

Workshops for your teams

Workshops for your teams

Communication, teamwork, sales and customer service, innovationLorem and creativity, leading and coaching are our Facets of Style Workshops.

Accreditation for your talent professionals

Accreditation for your talent professionals

Is for you if you want to take eDISC in-house at your organisation, and run your own DISC reports and training.

The perfect addition to your training or conulting business services. Find out More…

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