Adapting to Different Behavioural Styles In-service/In-house Workshop


Half Day Workshop (3 hours) (5 to 15 participants)

How many times has someone gotten upset with you because the misunderstood your intentions? How many times have people misread your tone, your mood, or your approach? Was there a small change that you could have made that would have prevented all the confusion? Too often, that insight comes a little too late. This workshop is designed to help participants grasp that insight before misunderstandings occur, not after. The DISC Model explains some of the most important aspects of human perception and interaction. Participants learn to see the characteristics of each DISC style and understand their unique preferences. Most importantly, you will recognise how behaviour is likely to be misread and learn how to adjust your communication to meet the needs and styles of those around you.

Key Features

• Understand yourself and others through the DISC Model
• Appreciate the communication preferences of different people
• Recognise when your behaviours are inappropriate or likely to be misunderstood by others
• Build strategies to adapt your behaviours for more effective communication

Additional Information

The Facets of Style Series of workshops is based on DISC behavioural theory.
Each participant is requried to have completed the online questionnaire and wil be provided with their own Personal Analysis Report.
The Personal Analysis Report can be either the full report ($150 =gst) or the Short Report ($100 + gst). This cost is not covered in the workshop fee and will be invoiced separately.

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