Building a Sales Relationship In-house / In-service Workshop


One Day Workshop (5 to 15 participants)

The most effective salespeople don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to selling. They know how to read the unique needs of each customer and relate to those needs. It’s a highly-developed skill, but it can be taught. In this workshop, DISC takes the dizzying diversity of client needs, goals, and preferences and puts them into a simple framework that makes sense to almost any salesperson. You will learn how DISC can help you adjust the sales process to acknowledge important preferences and values of your customers. The result is strong, lasting relationships with customers of all styles.

Key Features

• Appreciate the diversity of you customers’ needs and motivations
• Understand the need to adapt your sales strategy to meet the needs of your clients
• Read the DISC styles and buying needs of customers
• Create natural and influential relationships with your customers.

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