Improving Communication In-house/In-service Workshop


1 Day Workshop (5 to 15 participants)

Communication is more than talking and listening. Genuine communication requires a deep understanding of another person’s perspective. But when you take into consideration all of our biases, behavioural idiosyncrasies, unspoken emotions, personal agendas, and unshared assumptions, this can seem almost impossible. Understanding people’s different behavioural styles helps us understand each other at a fundamental level. This workshop demonstrates how to read other people, and to see how others interpret our behaviour. Participants develop an appreciation for the needs of their colleagues and customers. The program helps participants adapt their communication styles in a way that creates an enduring working alliance among colleagues.

Key Features

• Understand the DISC model of human nature and develop an appreciation for personal differences
• Receive feedback to see the different ways that your behaviour is interpreted by your co-workers
• Read about co-worker’s behavioural styles and learn how to anticipate their unique preferences
• Gain an empathic understanding of why people act the way they do
• Recognise the types of communication that are effective and ineffective with each style
• Develop specific communication strategies that build a culture of alliance and collaboration

Additional Information

The Facets of Style series of workshops are based on DISC Behavioural Theory.

Each participant is required to have completed the online questionnaire and will be provided with their own Personal Analysis Report.

The Personal Analysis Report can be either the full report ($150 =gst) or the Short Report ($100 + gst). This cost is not covered in the workshop fee and will be invoiced separately.

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