Recognising and Removing Barriers to Performance In-service / In-house Workshop


1 Day Workshop (5 to 15 participants)

Great managers can read people. They know that employees have different skills, different concerns, and different levels of motivation. Further, they know that if they ignore these diverse needs, there is a greater chance that their employees will get frustrated with a lack of success or satisfaction; or just disengage from a project or team. Great managers have learned to adjust their management style to both the employee’s style and the needs of the situation. This course is designed to help managers recognise an employee’s unique needs and remove any barriers that prevent that person performing to their potential.

Key Features

• Read the behavioural style and development needs of different employees
• Understand the goals and fears of your employees
• Adapt your management approach to match the ability level and motivation of your individual employees
• Recognise and reduce employee opposition and resistance
• Develop employees who are more energized, efficient and committed
• Identify and remove obstacles that are holding back potential performance
• Find ways to help people become more efficient and satisfied in their work

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