Team Effectiveness Series of In-service / In-house Workshops


3 x Half Day Workshops (5 to 15 participants)

Teams rely on both individual and group talent. The individual members need to know how to let their strengths shine, while the group needs to know how to work as a unit. This series is designed to advance both of these goals in three easy, half-day sessions. The first session uses Extended DISC to lay the foundation for personal and team awareness. The second session explores the strengths that each member brings to the team and ways to get the most out of those strengths. In the third session participants gain interpersonal feedback, insight and skills that will sharpen the team’s harmony and effectiveness.

Key Features

  • Reduce the confusion and complexity of understanding their teammates
  • Understand the unique strengths and challenges that they bring to he team
  • Find ways to maximise their strengths and motivation in their environment
  • Use interpersonal feedback to improve team performance
  • Learn how to adapt your behaviour and become more effective with each team member.

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