Using Your Interpersonal Strengths to Your Advantage


1 Day Workshop (5 to 15 participants)

Using Your Strengths to Your Advantage One Day It is no secret that some of us seem to have more natural social skill than others. However, the truth is that we all have our own interpersonal strengths. Effective people know their talents and find opportunities to maximise their skills. Conversely, we all also have areas in which we struggle, and although we usually have access to interpersonal feedback, we rarely seek it out. This workshop will help you pinpoint your unique strengths and show you how to get the most out of your talents. The session also illustrates how these same strengths can be overused to the point that they become obstacles. Exercises provide a safe and constructive way for participants to gather interpersonal feedback from their fellow group members. Armed with this feedback and a solid knowledge of their interpersonal strengths, you are prepared to unearth your natrual abilities and use them to the fullest.

Key Features

• Recognise the diverse talents and preferences associated with each DISC style
• Understand your interpersonal strengths and how to best use them
• Develop openness to interpersonal feedback
• Recognise the impact of your behaviour on others
• Create specific strategies for enhanced interpersonal effectiveness

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